RARE AIR Limited is a boutique aviation brokerage, comprising a professional team of trusted industry experts, who work closely together with our clients, to develop and provide commercially viable aviation solutions.

Our services include:
  • Aircraft sales of all types, particularly "off-market" aircraft;
  • Aircraft leases - either ACMI (wet) or DRY;
  • The complete anonymity and confidentiality of our clients.
Our primary regions of influence:
  • Worldwide essentially, but with representation in Canada, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Libya, Ghana, Nigeria, and the USA.
  • Serving aviation needs in developing regions, especially Africa and the Middle East
The way we work follows a simple system:
  • We make an initial assessment of the client's requirements;
  • If satisfied, the client engages RARE and pays an engagement fee; (in an off-market aircraft purchase, RARE must pre-qualify the buyer, who will be required to place a deposit in escrow or present a proof of funds from a recognised bank)
  • As the client's agent, RARE sources suitable aircraft, negotiates the leases or purchases, manages the pre-purchase inspection and acceptance inspection
  • RARE arranges the aircraft delivery, any insurance, crew, and supervises the process with an on-site representative;
  • We deliver the solution
The value we bring includes:
  • Our long-term relationships with our clients allows us to work integral to their teams;
  • We filter and PRE-QUALIFY both buyers and sellers, so that we don't waste either party's valuable time!
  • We reduce the intermediary and administration costs;
  • We offer a dedicated, single point of contact to manage the process.
We work with all of the major aircraft Brands. We have particularly close relationships with:
  • Sellers and Lessors of Airbuses and Boeings, both passenger airliners and freighters
  • Off-market sellers of Bombardier, Embraer, Dassault, Cessna, Hawker and Gulfstream business jets
  • A Lessor of Bell helicopters

Our team has the personal experience of having owned, operated, chartered, bought and sold our own aircraft, and we use this knowledge to get you flying as swiftly and profitably as possible.

J41 on ramp in day

RARE AIR Ltd (reg: 08455815)
+44 7543 381065

All aircraft are offered subject to their prior sale, lease or withdrawal from the market. Any prices quoted are subject to market fluctuation. Aircraft specifications are always subject to verification by the buyer through inspection.